Packaging for the New Business Start Up to the World’s Largest Fortune 500 Companies

Attractive and Developed Packaging Makes the 1st Sale, and Your Product Makes the 2nd Sale. Research has confirmed that one (1) to three (3) seconds is all the time your packaging gets to sell as the consumer passes in through the isles of retail, wholesales bulk clubs to browsing web pages. Attractive, fresh, bright labeling, to full custom print packaging is recognized by professional store product buyers. They know it will draw consumers to the shelf, and then to the cash register. Your custom label and stock packaging or full custom printed bags, pouches or boxes can be the Difference Between Success and Failure. As an example, almost all of us have tasted, or seen a great product in poor package and almost all of us have tasted, or seen a terrible product yet in great package. Sadly, a concerned consumer today often will not even try a product in a plain or common wrap and an homemade inkjet label missing out on a great tasting product. The result is a great product does not even make a trial sale. On the other handle, the consumer take one bite of the terrible product and discards the well packaged product that made it 1st sales, but will never experience the 2nd sale.

Marketing Consultants to Fortune 500 companies will recommend or spend 60% to 200% of the total item cost on packaging knowing of the limited attention of a passing shopper. Commonly you will have far more invested in your packaging than you will in the product in the package. Research has also shown that new product should start in smaller and lower price point sizes over larger sizes. What they saying is that, spend your money, or highest dollar on easier to impulse sizes for the consumer to buy because if the packaging is attractive and stands out and it is not expensive it will be easy to buy. If your product is great they won't care what the larger size looks like. You have to get them to buy the 1st time, then it's up to the product.

After your products increase in sales focus on building your Brand. With a consistant well developed theme, or look over time will mean overall business success in established as well as new product you continue to introduce for future growth.

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